Moksha offers you a unique Made to order villas

1.Mud vuillas:-a 100 pecent eco freindly villa made of mud stone and lime customised as per the customer requirment
2.Wooden villas:-woden villas and chalets made of Pine wood customised as per the customer requirment
3.Readymade concreet vilas:-a factory made readymade villas made as per the the customer reqirment

If you’re interested in the greenery around you, the magic that triggers in the air, or simply beautiful surroundings combined with natures touch of simplicity and love - ‘Moksha’ can offer you all that and even more, India premier mud-villa, ‘Moksha’. Why Moksha? Because Moksha means freedom, liberating oneself, and releasing from any tensions or pains that often one is going through.
Therefore, Moksha brings you a stay away from the cosmopolitan world where we have turned into robots and become mechanical. While moksha is built to de-stress and rejuvenate your soul and even more connect you to earth.

‘Moksha’, which is situated on the hills of the gorgeous mountains at Karjat, surrounded by verdant hills, and greeted by fog and mist. Its an ideal destination for families, romantic lovers or holiday travelers. Moksha, is a welcome home for all those who want a relief from all the pains and chaos of everyday life, and surrender in the midst of nature, where the villa is a home calling for people who want to escape from the noisy world. Would you not want to experience leisurely walks, quiet picnics and perfect weather at Moksha? You can just while away your time by taking walks in the lovely hills here. Through all this, you are bound to enjoy the scent of the pine forests around you.

Moksha is an unadulterated charm of nature, bustling with life for choosing an Eco-friendly environ. Our Mother Earth has stood the test of time for all the new technological advancements and the chemicals were have added for several ages. But, Moksha has gone many miles ahead and promised to built ‘close-to-the mother-earth’ to keep its residents away from artificial living and connect you to something deeper by combining stone, wood and lime and constructing the ever first Mudvilla, which is natural and safe.

What would be the benefit of the earth based houses? Firstly, there are naturally insulated, so they will be cool in summers and warm in winters. Also, Earth houses claim that are very healthy with no irritant chemicals incorporated within the mixture to cause any allergies, etc. Building mud houses is more art than science. The idea was initiated by Laurence Wilfred "Laurie" Baker who was a pioneer of sustainable architecture as well as organic architecture. He was called called, the ‘Gandhi of Architecture’. Later, Nagraj Nallu, being inspired by Baker, decided to take the initiative and built a Mud-villa like no other for all the people to come back home to a place where they could feel safe and connected to nature. Finally the Mud-villa is designed by the top architect to give a modern look to the villa but keeping the warmth by using mud.

Moksha, has promised to take you back to nature and become organic. Let your eyes feast on the scenery as you spend a quality time at Moksha, and breathe in the fresh mountain air. Don’t be disappointed if you think we are going to leave you inside the mud-walls without any services, No! We are going to offer you the best, brilliant and comfortable leisure time of your life. How? Here it goes. The basic plan of 1BHK house 900 sq.ft includes 1BHK plus a guest room (900sqft) along with a kitchen garden, Aangan and a mud pool. Let’s discuss step by step- There would be fully furnished king sized bed in the master room, a 3 door cupboard to keep your belongings safe, a MUTTICOOL refrigerator is mud cooler without the existence of electricity. If you want to keep a bottle of water or store anything item in the Mutticool, it would cool it much faster for the earthen technology used. We have zero percent cement into our project because we want to give our residents a feeling of warmth and taking close to nature. Even the equipments like a frying pan or a tumbler would be made of pure mud and the ingredients would be stone, wood, and lime. Also, imagine in the midst of trees and fresh breeze, you could grow your own organic vegetable backyard where one could grow red juicy tomatoes or coriander, or one could enjoy the scent of the aroma of your Mother cooking fresh veggies, supplied with sustainable solar system.

How amazing! The living area is spread out with luxurious wooden sofa set, a center table and a 6 seated dining table. Also, the spacious living rooms and bedrooms would be designed as per your convenience. Some people would want a small drawing room or a large master bedroom, or some desire a bedroom size bathroom, don’t worry he provide everything as per your convenience. Also the mud pool is designed in such a way that it would keep you relaxing, for all the kids to jump in the mud pool and enjoy the weather by facing the mountains or listening to the chirping of the birds. It’s a beautiful sigh seeing of unseen birds that would be sighted in the city life. So, grab your bookings at Moksha. Moksha is natural beauty and excellent reputation for outdoor pursuits makes it a popular destination for families become overwhelming. So, don’t forget to get connected to our mother earth for it offers the best therapy.

About Karjat

karjat : An Emerging “Gurgaon’ of Mumbai” - Commissioner, MMRDA

The latest addition to Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), Karjat is a sub-district of Raigad, Maharashtra. Located at the foothills of Sahyadri, Western Ghats and the end of the coastal plains of Konkan region near Deccan, the region is fast developing to be one of the most promising and favorable real estate destinations.
Congestion of the Mumbai city as well as the Mumbai suburbs, easy accessibility, close proximity to the tourist attractions like Lonavala and Karjat, proximity to Mumbai complemented with the upcoming infrastructural projects and developmental projects in the region itself has propelled the demand for the real estate market in the vicinity.

Karjat is one of the fastest growing and most livable place on the out-skirt of Mumbai . Karjat is well regarded for its Green and Pollution free environment, relaxed and Multi-cultural lifestyle,with affordable accommodation and low cost of living. The proximity to the Up-coming International Airport, and Nhava-Seva Sea Port has made karjat one of the preferred destination to have a property and to live in, On the other hand, many space extensive activities are no longer possible in urban areas because of high land values. Under this circumstances today excellent opportunity exist in land investment and development in Karjat.
Karjat enjoys a unique location advantage. Karjat railway station is major rail terminus connected to Mumbai, Pune and rest of the India through Central railway. The feasibility study for the extension of the suburban section on the Panvel-Karjat route has been approved taking into account the future needs of that region. Also, the new lines will cut travel time between Mumbai and Karjat, Karjat is also well connected through web of National and state highways to Mumbai, Pune , Nashik and rest of the India. The development of the four-lane State Highway 38 (from Chowk to Karjat) and State. Highway 54 (New Panvel to Bhimashankar) is set to reduce distance from Mumbai.

As karjat is part of Mumbai Metro region MMRDA has cleared Karjat for advanced urban planning with minimum FSI of 1.0. and CIDCO is being entrusted with town planning and implementation.
MMRDA has planned to develop a part of area in Karjat-Khopoli belt as Recreational Hub. On horizon are Twenty 20 league ground , Paint Ball Park, Theme Park, Amusement Park, Golf Course karjat has also become educational hub with several institutes of Higher education being located here. Karjat has Engineering , Pharmacy, Medical, Management, Pharmacy, Advestising & Mass Media Institute (AICAR) affiliated to the AICTE & University of Mumbai and Oxford schools.
In recent years karjat has been growing faster in absolute numbers than any other city in India more people are settling now in karjat. Many farm houses and residential colony are situated here.
Karjat is also very popular for pleasure visit during monsoon , and pej river . The river flows in all season (12 Months) for this reason many star category Resorts has come up in villages near to river like Bhivpuri, Karalewadi, Mandavane, Bhalewadi, Sawale, Kadav. This has attracted huge investment in form of land purchase and construction. For the same reason small farm house has doubled up as small resorts and slowly taking the shape of cottage industry, giving progressive growth to this villages.
For development of Mumbai-Pune Expressway, it is proposed to designate an area of about 800 ha. near village Chowk for the town Mega City Project as proposed by the Public Works Department.

On the other hand, many space extensive activities are no longer possible in urban areas because of high land values. Under these circumstances, certain degree of development in G-1 Zone is inevitable. The proposed D.C. Regulations therefore intend to permit certain selective developments such as farm houses, week-end houses on 2000 sq.m. plots, holiday homes, resorts, large institutions on minimum 2.5 ha. plots,film shooting sites on minimum 5 ha.

Art Director Nitin Chandrakant Desai’s “N D STUDIO” is major attraction for Karjat and Hollywood studios are setting up mega studios and production facilities here. Connectivity & Development of KARJAT

The state government of Maharashtra has initiated several mega infrastructure projects which will catalyze growth of property in Karjat and Neral. This, in turn, has and will push real-estate projects in the region to develop low-cost residential property in Karjat. The potential of these projects is immense, as the corridor is poised to be a real-estate hub. These projects will improve the region’s connectivity to Mumbai and Reduce transit times drastically which will consequently drive end-user demand in this micromarket @ karjat

Project Name Expected Impact Extension of Yashwantrao Chavan Mumbai Pune Expressway to Sion Extension of the expressway from the current endpoint of Kalamboli near Panvel to Sion through lane expansion of the Sion-Panvel Highway to reduce travel time to Karjat. Panvel - Bhimashankar Road The proposed road will pass through Neral thereby improving connectivity between Navi Mumbai and Neral and expected to reduce the distance from approx. 43 kms to 25 kms.

Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link Road (MTHL) Reduction of distance between Sewri and Nhava-Sheva by 30 kms. Expected to reduce travel time between central / southern Mumbai and Karjat by providing connection via SH-38 which links Nhava to Karjat

Virar-Alibaug Multi Modal Corridor This 126 km long corridor will connect Virar to Alibaug via Panvel and will be implemented across 2 phases and is expected to improve connectivity between western peripheries of Mumbai and Karjat.

Virar-Murbad-Karjat-Khopoli Ring Road project (unconfirmed) This 60 km long ring road project is expected to boost Karjat connectivity to the industrial centre of Khopoli and other key areas like Virar and Murbad. This road is also expected to ease traffic on the Ghodbunder Road.

Good connectivity via Road to Karjat :

Driving Distance chart :Minutes
Karjat STATION 25 Min

Apart from these, several road widening/improvement projects are also being undertaken in the region:
Road Project Type
Karjat - HAL Phata road (SH-35) and Chowk – Karjat road (SH-38) Widening (four-laning) and improvement
Neral - Kashele - Bhimashankar Road (SH-103) Improvement


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